Claude Samard - The Crypts ~ Henchman 800 (Rayman Arena)
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shame this game got rather boring after beating the master league


Easter Eggman


Easter Eggman


Cutiemark Crusaders: Oversized Candy Vendors! YAY!



I would’ve woken up at 12 but I fell back to sleep.

Let it be known: I suck at poker.

Twelve hours of gaming. A Spring Break well spent so far.

I have played so much Skyrim today my ass hurts.

I have found the Oghma Infinium. For a race wanting to follow the path of logic, the Dwemer sure do have quite a few Daedric artifacts.

Blackreach is massive. I love it. I could spend an eternity there.

I have found the Elder Scroll. Let me tell you, it was not in a place I expected it to be.


Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash 1/3

New ponies! What should we name them?

I vote Daring Who, Marcus, Tohts Notan O’Sea, and Baccarat, respectively.

Also, Spike was trading with that one comic pony the entire episode.

My bet was that they were too busy nerding over the books than trading them.


So this episode was just 100% shipping, basically. In my favourite trinity of Flutterdash-Rarijack-TwiPie.

I’m happy with that.

Very very good episode! I loved it to bits.

Discord lamp tent.

That has to be my favorite part. The pony running it was pretty eye-catching, too.

That brace does not look like it would support his weight though.